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Lay me on the table, put flowers in my mouth
And we can say we invented a summer lovin' torture party

ah yes

you gave me less aid this year smith

the year that you know, my dad had cancer and got surgery (thank goodness we have insurance fuck fuck i dont even want to think about that) and we paid for a ton of shit out of pocket and my mom’s technically a full time student at mt holyoke now (FRANCIS PERKINS WHOOOO) and my dad’s working on his master’s

also i have two brothers in fulltime college as well


why less aid smith?

To my followers who are sexually active, might become sexually active, thinking about or just curious, etc., some info on PLAN B

Before going to a pharmacy, find a clinic first.

Clinics like Tapestry Health or Planned Parenthood can give you Plan B for a reduced cost.

At Pharmacies, without insurance, it costs almost $50.

I got Plan B for $25 when I walked into Tapestry Health and presented my ID.

Just a heads up. c:

back in october or so, my parents said they would help me pay off the rest of my bill when my mom got her next paycheck

they’ve paid off some, but i’ve been putting $100 or so towards the bill with each paycheck

they expect me to have money to pay off my bill next semester because i was supposed to save money this semester


that’s hard to do when i’ve been putting $100 each pay day of my $120-$150 paychecks to the bill and the rest to other, miscellaneous purchases like laundry, books, printing, art supplies, and whatever is leftover to my savings

once in awhile, i’ll get a big check and i’ll spend a small amount on myself, because i’ve been scratching at this bill with my few earnings while my dad keeps buying glassware and more luxury items for the house

i was pulling my hair out over the stress of this situation earlier this semester and now i’m just angry

my mom just called to suggest that i put all my money towards the bill tomorrow just in case something happens so that the money is there


i was going to put some of that money aside so i don’t start off broke next semester and then put a lot it to self-care and such, WHICH I’VE REALLY NEEDED AFTER THE STRESS MY FAMILY HAS PUT ME THROUGH

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shut up. fuck.


look. i’m glad, i’m really REALLY glad that there’s a million emails in my inbox talking about the upcoming “drinks for vaginas” and “rallies for vaginas” events that are set to happen in michigan. i really am. there’s next to NO feminist movement in michigan, and as such, there’s been next to no coordinated response *from feminists* to the attacks on reproductive rights in michigan that have happened over the decades.

so i’m glad to see all this outrage and that there’s actually an inclination to do something like organize.

but fucking fuck. shut the fuck up. that’s all i can think when i read the next new vagina email.

on the one hand, yes, it’s nice that they’re not all connecting vagina to woman. but on the other hand—the cutsy tootsy get drinks and talk about vagina aren’t i outrageous type of organizing that these emails represent? make me gag.

1. it’s gross. as in “too linked to upper class college girls going out and getting drunk and calling it activism” gross (yes, THIS HAPPENS. before anybody gets outraged, THIS TYPE OF ACTIVISM HAPPENS ALL THROUGH FEMINISM).

2. as a poor person who has had to use planned parenthood for multiple reasons—i need these bitches to be much more fucking serious about this shit. as in, outraged here for the long hall ready to fight for years if we must outraged. yes, i recognize that going out for drinks and celebrating vagina can very well lead to marching in the streets licking envelopes for hours and leading feminist sit ins—but as we’ve seen the past few years in femmoland—going out for drinks only very rarely goes much deeper than “EVERYBODY iS INVITED.”

3. and my bitch ass needs us to go deep. waaaay fucking deep. as in “why are we trying to shut down clinics that provide abortions during the depths of the endless fucking michigan recession we’ve all been sitting in for decades?” deep. as in, “why is the control of “what a woman is” and “what a woman can do” all of a sudden so important for a state that people want to “let die” and that obama has centered as the cornerstone of his “recovery” project?” deep. deep as in, “why do the fucking white christians who have more money than anybody else in the state get to decide what’s best for all the poor ass broke folk who can’t manage to get a fucking break” deep.

4. if you want to talk to me about how vagina has been positioned as weapons in the destruction of michigan—pour my bitch ass a drink. if you want to get drunk and yell vagina really loud in the bar so that everybody looks at you and you can feel special?

shut up. shut. the. fuck. up.

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No treadmill? Roads don’t exist to be gawked at. No weights? Furniture. No machines? Gravity works wonders for crunches and push ups. No stair machine? Climb some real stairs, a tree, who cares just go UP. No money for healthy food? Then no money for poptarts. Excuses? I can’t hear you. Harsh? You don’t see success by wishing. So get out and DO IT.



this is great. 


My only concern is that there are lots of people who legitimately can’t afford to buy healthy food. One of my bestest friends in the whole world is incredibly poor. Her mother brings in less than $10,000 a year for a three person household. They cannot afford to buy healthy food. They can only afford to buy the cheapest of the cheap, stuff that can stay good for months, filled with preservatives.

It costs a lot of money to buy fresh vegetables and they don’t last long. It’s cheaper at that point to buy a box of poptarts.

I get incredibly peeved when someone says that money is no excuse for diet. Because fuck you, dieting is for the privileged. Eating healthy is a privilege. Money is everything in the weight loss industry.

There’s a reason why impoverished people have the highest rates of obesity.